Qiao An Hao is a very sweet and lovely girl, who is admirably optimistic. In many aspects of life she is quite innocent and naive; and because of this she is often not aware of how much her actions affect the people around her. She is introduced in the first episode, in her third year of High-school.

This is when she meets and falls in love with Lu Jinnian, the male protagonist of the series. She is very shy and often finds herself blushing. She initially has trouble speaking to Jinnian but throughout the series they become good friends. However, due to her fear of being rejected by him she keeps her feelings a secret, and she has good reason to believe that she will be rejected. Anyone who watches her can see that she is loyal, compassionate and has a strong sense of her love for him, which is shown by how she comes and visits him every month when he moves away later on in the series.

Later on in her life it is revealed that she is married to another man due to a misunderstanding that occurred when she was in university. However a segment of the first episode hints that after this period she becomes involved in a ‘fake marriage’ with Jinnian who treats her with hostility.

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