Pretty Man 《国民老公》 is produced by Tencent Penguin, Ling Yu Media, Kai Tai Shi Dai, China Literature and Hong Wen Media. Adapted from Ye Fei Ye's Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia 《国民老公带回家》 with some edits, Gary Sing and Tian Shao Po will be directing the drama starring Dylan Xiong and Sierra Lee.

It starts airing on 15 January on Tencent Video.

Sypnosis Edit

It tells the love story of Lu Jin Nian and Qiao An Hao spanning 13 years. They first got to know each other in school, but later parted ways again due to some misunderstandings. Now, Jin Nian is the unapproachable king of the entertainment business while An Hao is a rookie in the same business. Fate lets Jin Nian and An Hao meet again and An Hao ends up becoming his fake wife.

Cast Edit

  • Sierra Lee as Qiao An Hao
  • Dylan Xiong as Lu Jin Nian
  • Yu Yijie as Xu Jia Mu
  • Zhao Yao Ke as Song Xiang Si
  • Zhong Qi as Lin Si Yi
  • Xiong Wen Wen as Qiao An Yi
  • Zhang Li Wen as Shen Ming Zhe
  • Wang Yue Ting as Li Qian Qian
  • Xia Xiao Xi as Zhao Meng
  • Tien Hsin as Han Ru Chu

Production Cast Edit

Producers: Sun Zhong Huai and Bathen Chow

Creators: Fang Fang and Chu Fei

Original Work: Ye Fei Ye

Production Information Edit

Chinese Name: 国民老公

English Name: Pretty Man

Production Year: 2017

Production Companies: Tencent Penguin and Ling Yu Media

Country Filmed: Mainland China

Location Filmed: Qing Dao

Airing Year: 2018

Director: Gary Sing and Tian Shao Po

Screenwriters: Li Yan, Shi Liang and Ma Yue Hong

Episodes: 30

Episode Duration: 30 Minutes

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 15 January 2018

Broadcaster: Tencent Video

Soundtracks Edit

Song Lyricist Composer Arranger Performer Note
说爱你 Shuo Ai Ni 米小某 潘成 孙沛 熊梓淇 片头曲
不是冲动 Bu Shi Cong Dong 艾丽雅 艾丽雅 熊梓淇,李溪芮 片尾曲
冠名帮凶 刘家泽 芮英杰 恩德 熊梓淇 推广曲
抱着都痛 郑国锋 林从胤 李溪芮 插曲
命定的主角 潘成 钟祺,熊稳稳,张力文,夏小翕 插曲
微笑糖果 刘家泽、李天阳 孙沛 KOGIRLS 插曲
我不聊生 熊梓淇,吴祉璇 插曲
不走心的吻别 米小某 潘成 吴祉璇 插曲
对不起 郭德紫毅 艾丽雅 插曲
就算是谎话也可以 钟抒瞳 钟抒瞳 王中易、高胜 虞祎杰 插曲